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Raymond Dye is a registered marriage officer in the Republic of South Africa. He is also an ordained Pastor but gladly does non-religious ceremonies too. He resides in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal. With 30 years of experience behind him, he is well versed to conduct your ceremony with flair and dignity. His ceremonies are mostly unscripted and he respects your time constraints. He desires to build the ceremony of your dreams that will be the gateway to a life of love and fulfilment. Contact Raymond on the contact page to make an appointment.

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Have you been married before? Check your marital status at the Department of Home Affairs

If you had been married before, i.e. your previous marriage was annulled, or you divorced, or your previous spouse passed away, you have to ensure that the Department of Home Affairs has your status on record as UNMARRIED. To find out what your marital status is, text (SMS) the following to 32551:


I.e. the letter "M", a space followed by your South African ID-Number.

If you are a foreigner you need a "Letter of Non-Impediment" from your consulate which states that you are not already married in your country of origin

We strongly recommend getting a prenuptial contract.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we have to get married indoors in a four-walled structure?

According to the law, a marriage can take place in a public office, a church or building used for religious services or even a private residence. No reference is made to a roof, walls or the structure, so it all comes down to the interpretation of the law. The Department of Home Affairs states that it must take place inside a building with open doors.

If you wish to have an open air wedding, special arrangements can be made.

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Do we have to have a prenuptial contract?
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Please explain the difference between abridged and unabridged certificates?
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